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About Us
The 16th Louisiana Infantry Regiment is a not for profit, progressive, campaigning Civil War reenactment group.  We portray both our namesake Confederate unit as well as the 12th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment as our Federal designation.  Our unit members are educators, engineers, marketing reps, students and accountants all from Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi.  We stress full military decorum throughout the course of a reenacting weekend.  We camp with either no tentage or a combination of company flys and dog tents.  Members are expected to perform fatigue duties, cook their meals on the fire and conduct themselves as soldiers of the period.  While the unit stresses the purchase of the most authentic gear and uniforms, it is willing to work with mainstream equipped recruits if they are willing to adopt the campaigning conduct of the unit and take a progressive approach to upgrading their equipment and general impression.  

We participate in battle events and living histories primarily in the Louisiana/Mississippi area but also travel to other areas in the Southeastern United States once or twice a year.  We are not affiliated with any umbrella organizations but have participated in events organized by the Western Independent Grays.  

More details are available about our unit relative to uniforms, standards etc. in our Recruiting Handbook which is available to all interested recruits.  Those interested should click on the button below.